In Muro Leccese, Italy, the WSK Master Series has started. Convers (F – Kosmic-Vega KF) and Lorandi (I – Tony Kart-Vortex KF Junior) are in superpole. erstappen (NL – CRG-TM) and Martinez (E – CRG-LKE) are the fastest in KZ2 and 60 Mini.


Muro Leccese

Friday, February 1, 2013

On Sunday the finals live on Stop&Go AND WSK.IT from 11:20am to 04:00pm.First racing day and first results in Muro Leccese
. The first results of the new international racing season of karting have arrived today with the qualifying session in Muro Leccese. Here the season has started with the first round of the 2013 WSK Master Series. At its eighth year of activity, WSK Promotion launches successfully its first event of the season. 185 entrants confirm that this is a top level appointment: drivers from all around the world have come to the International Circuit La Conca. Today's climax was reached with the race for the Superpole, reserved to the 12 fastest drivers of the KF and KF Junior categories, after the first session of qualifying. Besides these two categories, also KZ2 and 60 Mini went on track, always for qualifying. The heats followed immediately after and were the last appointment for today's schedule.

Armand Convers adapts himself in KF. The French Armand Convers (Kosmic-Vortex-Vega) started his season achieving the Superpole in KF, beating his country fellow-man Dorian Boccolacci (Energy-TM-Vega) into second place. Behind them the Croatian Martin Kodric (FA Kart-Vortex-Vega) and the American Dalton Sargeant (Tony Kart-Vortex-Vega): so, the starting grid, for the first qualifying heats is made by drivers coming from many different countries and racing with very different equipment.

Alessio Lorandi gets a thrilling pole at the last lap in KF Junior. The competitiveness of the KF Junior drivers was clear since the very beginning of the Southern Italian weekend. The Italian Alessio Lorandi (Tony Kart-Vortex-Vega), stole the Superpole from the Russian Sitnikov (Tony Kart-BMB-Vega - the fastest until that moment) at his last lap. Third the Spanish Guillen Russo Iglesias, followed by the English Lando Norris (both on FA Kart-Vortex-Vega). The first two qualifying heats for this category were scheduled as last event of the day. Here victory went to the Indonesian Jehan Daruvala and the English Max Fewtrell (both on FA Kart-Vortex-Vega). On the other hand, Giuliano Alesi's debut (Intrepid-TM-Vega), son of the former and renewed Ferrari F1 driver Jean, seems to be harder than expected. The 13-year-old French, at his first experience in international karting, is learning fast but he is already well aware of how much work is required to be successful in motorsport. And Jean Alesi - this time on track to play the role of the caring parent - never forgets to give his advice.

Max Verstappen is the poleman in KZ2. In a world such as that of karting - always looking towards F1 - it is rather normal nowadays meeting former F1 drivers taking care of their children's first steps. Also in KZ2, the category with the 6 speed gearbox, car-racing fans can hear the name of another famous driver: the Dutch Jos Verstappen, very committed in taking care of his son Max. The young Verstappen (CRG-TM-Dunlop) is successfully making his way up: he conquered the category pole preceding the English Ben Hanley (Art GP-TM-Dunlop). Behind them the two Italian drivers Paolo De Conto (Birel-TM-Dunlop) and Fabian Federer (CRG-Modena-Dunlop), who complete the first two rows for tomorrow's heats.

Eliseo Martinez starts well in 60 Mini. The Spanish Eliseo Martinez (CRG-LKE-Le Cont) opened the weekend achieving the 60 Mini pole position. He then did well again in the first qualifying races winning one of them. Third in qualifying, behind the Italian Leonardo Marseglia (Top Kart-Parilla-Le Cont), the Indian Kush Maini (Tony Kart-LKE-Le Cont). The young Asian did better in the heats and, eventually, he achieved victory in today's second race.

The WSK Finals on the web on Stop&Go and New races tomorrow in Muro Leccese other qualifying races before Sunday's finals on 3rd February. The finals will be aired by the specialized website, which will give a coverage of the final part of the weekend of La Conca. Images available on the site from Sunday, beginning from 11:20.



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