Adria (Rovigo - I)

Thursday, December 21, 2017


The collaboration between Bioitalia Spa and WSK Promotion – through the agreement with TCR’s CEO Marcello Lotti – will give birth to the TCR DSG Championship in 2018. This new Endurance Touring series will be based on TCR International Series cars. The main idea is to provide drivers with a six-round championship on the main Italian circuits following the ready-to-race formula at a fixed price for the whole season. Participation will also be open to Teams that will have to follow the sporting and technical regulations of the Championship. The TCR DSG Championship has requested the denomination of Italian Championship to the Sporting Authority and will take place during the Aci Racing Weekends featuring a two hours long race. This initiative has been the outcome of the solid collaboration between the Altoè family that manages the Circuit in Adria, and WSK Promotion led by Luca De Donno. This partnership already resulted in the successful launch of the Adria Karting Raceway – the karting circuit on the side of the more famous racing track – on the international racing calendar.

The appointments of the TCR DSG Championship will develop on three racing days from Friday to Sunday and comprise 45’ of free practice, 30’ of qualifying and a 2 hours long race. Participation is open to single drivers or lineups of two drivers, taking 30 minutes driving shifts. The total money prize of €280.000, will be split in € 24.000 allocated to single race awards (given to the top five) and € 136.000 to be given to the top six of the final Championship classification. Special classifications for Under 21, Ladies and Gentlemen have been devised to reward the top 3 of each race and of the final classification. 

Eligible cars are the Audi A3, Golf GTI and Seat Leon, powered by a 350 bhp engine unit and complying to the technical fiche of the category that will be made available by the organizer through the ready-to-race formula for the six rounds. The denomination of the Championship refers to the DSG gearbox used by all cars. This acronym stands for Direct-Shift Gearbox: it will be a road cars derived six speed gear box specifically made faster and stronger for endurance racing, equipped with paddle shift at the steering wheel. The technical partners regarding tyres and fuel provisioning will be announced shortly. The entry cost to the Championship with the Full Inclusive formula is of €135.000, insurance excluded. The package includes car rental, on track assistance, fuel, tyres and brakes, championship and single races entry fees and track access for free practice. Drivers will be provided with a sportswear clothing kit and a VIP card for the catering service that includes 2 guests. Alternatively, it will be possible to enter independent teams that will have the chance to purchase the car from the organizers or to line up one of the three eligible models by Audi, VW or Seat complying to the technical regulations of the Championship. Independent teams must agree to purchase the same consumables used by rental cars (tyres, fuel and braking systems) from the organizers. Entry fees per car amount to €12.000 (+ VAT) for the Championship and €1.500 (+ VAT) per race. Costs include free practice.

Adria (April 22nd), Monza (June 3rd), Misano (June 24th), Imola (July 29th), Vallelunga (September 9th) and Mugello (October 28th) are the six rounds featured in the TCR DSG Championship 2018. The championship promotion embraces several aspects, including live streaming and TV broadcast of the racing action, on a channel that is still to be defined. A dedicated website is being developed and the press kit will include an information magazine distributed at each event. The on track base will be the WSK Promotion Station. For further information please contact +39 346 1797922 or



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