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First highs at the second round of the WSK Super Master Series
First highs at the second round of the WSK Super Master Series Gallery Franciacorta (ITA)
Friday, February 17, 2023

Allegate 15 WSK Super Master Series Rd2 qualif Franciacorta 170223 ENG - 558 Kb

A great spectacle is ahead in Franciacorta with 361 drivers on track. The pole positions and the winners of the first heats.

Franciacorta (ITA), 17.02.2023
The second round of the WSK Super Master Series in Franciacorta is characterized by big numbers, with the paddock packed and an exceptional international list of drivers from 53 countries, competing with official manufacturers and the most important teams in the MINI, OKJ, OK and KZ2 categories.

In this second round of the series at the Franciacorta Karting Track, the quality and quantity of drivers stand out, with 361 verified participants in this event and growing figures considering the 334 at the first race in Lonato and the 321 at the opening of the WSK Champions Cup on January 29th.

At the Franciacorta Karting Track, after Friday and Saturday's qualifying practice and elimination heats, the final phase on Sunday, February 19th will be broadcasted live on TV and online at the following websites:, and

The first protagonists of the Franciacorta weekend after the Friday morning qualifying practice and initial heats follow.

The pole positions in qualifying practice.
KZ2 – Same time for Tom Leuillet and Nakamura-Berta!

The quality of the spectacle of the event in Franciacorta was also confirmed by a tie in the KZ2 qualifying, as the Frenchman Tom Leuillet of Tony Kart Racing Team on a Tony Kart-Vortex-Vega in Session-1, and the Japanese driver Kean Nakamura-Berta of team Prema Racing, on a KR-Iame, in Session-2, posted the same time of 45.936s. The pole position was assigned to the French driver as he also set the second best time. In the top positions, the young Italian Samuele Leopardi (Zanchi Motorsport/CRG-TM) was second-best just 0.014s behind Nakamura, and Maksim Orlov (Modena Kart/Parolin-TM) was third-best time at 0.141s. In the second session, the Frenchman Emilien Denner (Sodikart/Sodi-TM) also did well with the second-best time at 0.206s from Leuillet, and the third-best time was set by the winner of the last race in Lonato, the Italian Cristian Bertuca, (BirelArt Racing/BirelArt-TM) who was 0.273s from the top.

OK – Walther ready to bounce back.
In OK, the Danish driver David Walther (Koski Motorsport/Tony Kart-Vortex-LeCont) turned out to be the fastest with a time of 46.314s in Session-3 after being an unlucky protagonist in the last race held in Lonato. Great times were also posted by the Dutchman René Lammers (Parolin Motorsport/Parolin-TM) who was the fastest of Session-1 in 46.385s, and by the Thai driver Enzo Tarnvanichkul (Prema Racing) who went quickest in Session-2 in 46.637s. The winner in Lonato, the American Luis James Egozi (Tony Kart Racing Team/Tony Kart-Vortex) only qualified 13th with a time of 46.566s. Among the top performers in the qualifying sessions, Kirill Kutskov (BirelArt Racing/BirelArt-TM) was second in Session-3 with a best time of 46.376s, the Frenchman Louis Iglesias (CRG Racing Team/CRG-Iame) was second-fastest in Session-1 in 46.468s, and the Austrian Kiano Blum (DPK/KR-Iame) was second in Session-2 in 46.647s.

OKJ – Wherrell again among the front runners.
In OK-Junior, the English driver Lewis Wherrell (Forza Racing/Exprit-TM-Vega) emerged once again as a protagonist after his success in the WSK Champions Cup. The English driver took pole position in 47.645s, which was the best time of Session-2. Also standing out were the Austrian Niklas Schaufler (DPK/KR-Iame) in Session-3 (47.797s), and American Jack Iliffe (Parolin Motorsport/Parolin-TM) leading Session-2 in 48.129s. The Italian Davide Bottaro (Tony Kart Racing Team/Tony Kart-Vortex) also had an excellent performance in Session-2 where he posted the second-best time in 47.742s, while the Spanish driver Christian Costoya (Parolin Motorsport/Parolin-TM) dis the same in Session-3 in 47.807s. The Belgian Dries Van Langendonck was second in Session-1 in 48.222s. The championship leader from Finland Sebastian Lehtimaki (Koski Motorsport/Tony Kart-Vega) obtained the third-best time in Session-3 (47.927s).

MINI Gr.3 – Zulfikari is very quick in Franciacorta too.
The Turkish driver Iskender Zulfikari (BabyRace/Parolin-Iame-Vega) has again taken the lead in Franciacorta after winning the WSK Champions Cup and the first race of the WSK Super Master Series in Lonato. The time of the young Turkish driver was 53.376s, obtained in Session-3, and was the best overall, while the Chinese driver Zeyu Shen (AV Racing/Parolin-TM) topped Session-2 in 53.714s and the Italian driver Bruno Blanco (CRG Racing Team/CRG-TM) Session-1 in 53.789s. Among the fastest drivers, the Spanish driver Manuel Miguez (Renda Motorsport/Energy-Iame) posted a 53.661s in Session-3, the German driver Emilio Bernd (Kidix/Alonso-Iame) a 53.729s in Session-2 and Pietro Bagutti (AV Racing/Parolin-TM) a 53.933s in Session-1.

MINI Gr.3 Under 10 – The Australian Eskandari Marandi surprises all.
In MINI Gr.3 Under 10, the Australian Sebas Eskandari Marandi (Tony Kart Racing Team/Tony Kart-Vortex-Vega) surprised all the rivals with the best overall time of 53.736s obtained in Session-1, while the Swiss driver Albert Tamm (BabyRace/Parolin-Iame) was the fastest of Session-2 with a time of 53.815s. Also performing well were the Swede Maximus Unt (Ward Racing/Tony Kart-TM) with the second fastest time in Session-1 (53.762s), and David Moscardi (AV Racing/Parolin-TM) with the second fastest time in Session-2 (53.935s). Among the protagonists, the Ukrainian Oleksandr Legenkyi (Team Driver/KR-Iame) confirmed his speed posting the third fastest time of Session-1 in 53.788s. The Belgian Antoine Venant (Kidix/KR-Iame), who won the first race in Lonato, was only 17th instead.

The winners of the first heats held on Friday afternoon:
OKJ: Lewis Wherrell (A-B), Kin Lindblom Scott (C-D), Christian Costoya (E-F), Lewis Wherrell (A-C), Zac Drummond (D-F), Stepan Antonov (B-E).
MINI Gr.3: Jorge Edgar (C-E), Noah Baglin (B-D), Dean Hoogendoorn (A-E), Noah Baglin (C-D).
MINI Gr.3 U10: Antoine Venant (A-B), Niccolò Perico (C-D).
KZ2: Cristian Bertuca (A-B), Emilien Denner (C-D).
OK: David Walther (A-B), Emanuele Olivieri (C-D).

The program of the WSK Super Master Series, Round 2, Franciacorta Karting Track:
Saturday, February 18: qualifying heats from 9:40.
Sunday, February 19: Prefinals from 10:10, Final OKJ at 13:50, Final MINI U10 at 14:20, Final MINI Gr.3 at 14:50, Final KZ2 at 15:20, Final OK at 15:50.

Prefinals and Finals will be available in Live Streaming from

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