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The heats of the WSK Open Series at the Cremona Circuit had a few surprises
The heats of the WSK Open Series at the Cremona Circuit had a few surprises Gallery Cremona (ITA)
Saturday, April 1, 2023

Allegate 34 WSK Open Series Rd2 Cremona heats 010423 ENG - 536 Kb

Legenkyi (MINI U10), Zulfikari (MINI Gr.3), Pex (KZ2), Cosma Cristofor (X30 Junior) and Weixelbaumer (X30 Senior) had the upper hand in the heats of the second round. The final stages will be on Sunday, April 2nd.

San Martino del Lago, Cremona (ITA), 1.04.2023
The qualifying heats on Saturday defined the main protagonists of the second round of the WSK Open Series that is underway at the Cremona Circuit. The day has been dedicated to qualify for the final stages that will take place on Sunday, April 2nd. After the qualifying practice on Friday, surprises did not lack in the heats which provided some further candidates to the final win.

The Live Streaming.
The final stages will be broadcast live through online streaming on Sunday, April 2nd on the following websites:

MINI GR.3 UNDER 10 – Legenkyi has the upper hand.
In MINI Gr.3 U10 the Belgian classification leader Antoine Venant (#572 Kidix/KR-Iame-Vega) had tough times, but also the Swiss Albert Tamm (#510 BabyRace/Parolin-Iame). Both drivers had a good qualifying practice, but then they were hit by tough luck in the heats, as the pole sitter from Italy, Niccolò Perico (#566 Energy Corse/Energy-TM). The duel for the win was a matter between the Australian Sebastian Eskandari Marandi (Tony Kart R.T. – Tony Kart-Vortex) and Ukraine’s Oleksandr Legenkyi (#536 Team Driver/KR-Iame). The latter claimed two wins and secured P1 after the heats, leading Sebastian Eskandari Marandi who took one win and was followed by the Slovakian Alex Molota (#561 Firelly/EKS-TM), the Indonesian Oliver Sini (#624 Gamoto/EKS-TM) and the Portuguese Xavier Lazaro (#604 DR/DR-TM).
Penalties after the heats: 1. Legenkyi pen. 5; 2. Eskandari-Marandi 15; 3. Molota 23; 4. Sini 29; 5. Lazaro 31; 6. Unt 35; 7. Rea 42; 8. Orlando 43.

MINI GR.3 – Zulfikari in the lead in an open situation.
Things are quite uncertain in MINI Gr.3, where there has been quite an exchange on top. The Australian William Calleja (#516 BabyRace/Parolin-Iame-Vega) claimed the pole position and secured one win in the heats, but the Turkish Iskender Zulfikari (#502 BabyRace/Parolin-Iame) also secured two wins. The Spaniard Bosco Arias Chavarri (#503 Team Driver/KR-Iame), the Romanian Bogdan Cosma Cristofor (#539 Team Driver/KR-Iame) and the Brit Noah Baglin (#521 iKart/KR-Iame) also secured one win.
Penalties after the heats: 1. Zulfikari pen. 5; 2. Calleja 10; 3. Cosma Cristofor 18; 4. Rousseau 19; 5. Arias Chavarri 19; 6. Baglin 22; 7. Blandino 26; 8. Ivannikov 28.

KZ2 – Pex on top without hat-trick.
The Dutch champion Stan Pex (#13 SP Motorsport/KR-TM-LeCont) did not manage to take all the wins. After claiming the pole position and winning the first two heats, he had to settle for P6 in the third heat. The Italian Enrico Martinese (#42 King Racing/KR-Iame) challenged the Dutch driver in the first heat, but Pex managed to win both heats from the Italian Alessandro Minetto (#39 ErreEsse/Parolin-TM) and the French Enzo Lacreuse (#37 Lacreuse/Mach1-Modena). Pex had an issue in the third heat and had to give way to the Italian Daniele Federici (#43 KartXXL/BirelArt-TM), who won from the Pole Filip Wojcik (#31 Jastrzebski/Kosmic-TM) and the German Lukas Scherbinskas (#22 NSL/Sodi-TM).
Penalties after the heats: 1. Pex pen. 11; 2. Minetto 19; 3. Federici 19; 4. Wojcik 24; 5. Lacreuse 29; 6. Taylor 34; 7. Scherbinskas 35; 8. Wojcik 38.

X30 JUNIOR – Cosma Cristofor on top with three wins.
X30 Junior had three winners in three heats: the Dutch Sacha Van T Pad Bosch (#734 Fath/Red Speed-Iame-MG) won the first after taking the pole position, the Dutch Rocco Coronel (#704 Fath/Red Speed-Iame) in the second and the Portuguese Lorenzo Campos (#706 Team Driver/Tony Kart-Iame) in the third. The first place after the heats was secured by David Cosma Cristofor (#729 Kidix/KR-Iame) thanks to three P2 in the heats.
Penalties after the heats: 1. Cosma Cristofor pen. 15; 2. Van T Pad 18; 3. Coronel 18; 4. Kuzhnini 27; 5. Campos 28; 6. Pancotti 34; 7. Mizzoni 36; 8. Santese 43.

X30 SENIOR – Weixelbaumer takes three wins.
The Italian pole sitter and classification leader Danny Carenini (#801 Energy Corse/Energy-Iame-MG) was successfully challenged by the Austrian Nando Weixelbaumer (#833 Fath/Red Speed-Iame), who won three heats but the French Andy Ratel (#842 Beaumont/KR-Iame) was second in the second and third heat. Carenini completed the three heats with a second, a third and a fourth place and proceeded the Pole Kinga Wojcik (#843 KGT/Tony Kart-Iame). Weixelbaumer is leading the provisional classification from Ratel and Carenini.
Penalties after the heats: 1. Weixelbaumer pen. 0; 2. Ratel 18; 3. Carenini 22; 4. Wurthenberger 31; 5. Wojcik 32; 6. Jingxuan 33; 7. Giudice 38; 8. Lavazza 38.

The program of the WSK Open Series, Round 2, Cremona Circuit:
Sunday, April 2: warm up from 8:40; Live Streaming from 11:10 Prefinals and Finals from 13:50 (13:50 MINI U10, 14:20 MINI GR.3, 14:50 KZ2, 15:20 X30 Junior, 15:50 X30 Senior).

Info and Results:

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